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The Law On consumer cooperation in the Russian Federation, No 3085-1 dated June 19, 1992, specifies legal, economic and social activity principles of the consumer societies and their unions. The Law ensures state support for consumer societies depending on their social importance and for individual and corporate bodies establishing such consumer societies. The ICS develops its own social and economic programmes.

The key priority of the International Consumer Society ICS ORION'S BELT, (the ICS), is to promote cooperative ideas based on the principles of international cooperation to satisfy common and individual economic, social, cultural and other needs of its shareholders through manufacturing, supplying, purchasing, selling, re-selling, surveying  and other types of activities permitted by the applicable law of the host country, and to protect  the members' life support interests.

The ICS activities are based on the use of its members' contributions. The operations associated with the share contribution are exempt from income tax or VAT. Pursuant to the Law, shareholders leaving or being excluded from the ICS will have their share contributions  back, the cost of which, in case of physical assets, is to be determined by agreement.


Our geography in 23 countries of the world!

Shares may be returned in kind. A shareholder has a priority to receive goods, works and services from the consumer society. That means that ICS may offer goods, works and services to its shareholders free of charge. Please contact us directly to find out about the most efficient and applicable principles. The consumers society is expected to be an ideal ground for the exchange of goods, works and services using the share fund, the free provision of goods, works and services to the shareholders.

he shareholders' participation in the ICS is not subject to any tax such as

  • unified social tax,

  • personal income tax,

  • value added tax,

  • excise tax,

  • profit tax,

  • net worth tax,

  • or other taxes or levies.

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