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Corporate Body

Managing Shareholder

Buy goods (services) at a discount of 20-50% or more of their market price.
Take an active part in the ICS' business and receive remuneration.
Take part in the programme for mutual financial aid and soft loans.
Enjoy social infrastructure objects.
Take part in training workshops on various subjects.
Extensive shareholders support  in defending their violated rights.
Receive and provide charity support.
Receive information on new services, benefits, etc by sms.
Receive part of the ICS' business profit .
Enjoy the right to participate in the ICS management.
Acquire many new friends and associates.
Implement PR actions with a target group (the ICS shareholders) at a minimum costs.
Participate in the ICS social projects and receive appropriate PR dividends.
Enjoy the right to receive cooperative payments stipulated in the ICS Charter.
Enjoy the soft loan opportunities.
Receive a personal plastic card for keeping and using share contributions.
Improve skills and education level.
Take part in the ICS' business, be awarded and receive valuable gifts.
Secure personal assets including those within the ICS' share fund in case of possible attachment or seizure due to a shareholder's personal debts.
Full title to share contribution with the right of disposal by inheritance or to other shareholders by a written consent.

Enjoy legal advice and support of every division within ICS.

The opportunity to open and develop one's own business with the ICS.

Expand the market for one's own products rapidly and extensively.
Bear no costs associated with goods / service advertising or promotion.
Enjoy the opportunity to survey the consumer demand for a new type of products without additional costs.
Enjoy a number of other benefits including the opportunity to reduce tax liabilities using the mechanisms developed by the ICS (as permitted by the applicable Law).

Enjoy the opportunity to employ the ICS shareholders on special conditions.
Be elected to the ICS Board and participate in the development of the basic principles of the ICS activities and in the social and economic development programmes.

Enjoy the right to participate in the organisation of cooperation with, and assistance to, the public authorities, companies and organisations, under the ICS.
Hold meetings and register the consumer shareholders for the purpose of your agency.
Be a guarantor and take part in the reallocation of the ICS target shares.
Receive commemorative tokens, small bars, articles of precious metals and jewels as an investment security.
Have one's shares replenished upon approval of the ICS Board when fulfilling important functions for the development the ICS, including the intellectual input.
Receive cooperative payments upon approval by the ICS General Meeting.
Improve housing, living and social conditions of the managing shareholders.
Key experts hold consulting, seminars, conferences regarding the ICS activities.
The ICS directors provide the latest updates to ensure effective participation in the business.

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